Oh My! Monday Again

I just can't believe that it is Monday again! This year really has been skimming by at a rate of knots! Well, I've finished the BFL/Silk - hooray! All washed up, ready to go off to it's new home. I've prepared the hand dyed Hazelnut Parfait from Amanda ready to spin. It shouldn't take very long as there is only 100gms or so. And then, if no-one wants me to do anything else (!) I shall start on the fibre I bought from Freyalyn to make DH a hat with! I quote "I need a hat like that!" so here we go....
We spent Saturday morning at the market in Wells, it was just so yummy to be out in the sunshine wandering about with no time constraints. I was totally knackered for the rest of the day though - bah!
Sunday was spent dodging the heat (34 degrees on the patio!) and stripping my loom. It was so hot, that a job that should have taken a couple of hours took most of the day and whilst I've measured up the new warp, I haven't had an opportunity to sley it to the loom. Ah well, there is always tomorrow!
The weather is really oppressive, I think we are in for a storm or two. At least it will clear the air and enable me to breathe. I picked up a summer cold from somewhere and it's knocked me off my feet today. I spent this morning wrestling with my Yahoo Mail - I think it won.... But this afternoon, I shall follow the example of my hounds, and find somewhere cool and doze. After I have taken some more of the totally ineffective cold stuff that is. With the other meds I take, it's the only stuff I'm allowed, and it's nearly useless! At least I shall get a couple more rows of my Seasons of Lace shawl knitted.