Need to Rant!!

Need to Rant - those of a squeemish disposition, look away now! A couple of days ago, I was sent an invitation to join this thing called Grouply.Now, the idea of being able to find all the groups I belong to, and being able to check all their latest entries in one place really did appeal - I have at least 70 - 150 messages a day, and all my groups are on digest! So, innocent that I am, I joined..... I DID NOT give permission for them to contact ANYONE on my behalf. If the response of a couple of the groups I belong to is anything to go by, not only had I joined the ulitmate in narsties, I had married into Satan's inner circle! Suffice to say, as soon as I worked out what was going on, I unjoined - please remember I do NOT spend all my time online, so this took a day or so. I for one, am not checking my eM's every 5 minutes for some confirmation that A N Other out there likes me! I, like you, have a life! Now, I'm not saying that these people were wrong, far from it, if I had been aware of the trouble this would cause I would not have joined in the first place. But their reaction was hysterical. And in my humble opinion this group is no better, nor worse, than Facebook - which is another invasion of privacy! At least Grouply do not spend their time sending odd eM's asking you to accept a hypothetical drink from a person you have never even heard of on behalf of save the rainforest/panda/newly dicovered insect! So, I'm now writing to people to apologise for something I didn't not do/intend to do and hoping that the whole thing will go away. All this palava because I refuse to spend more than 1 hour in any 24 online. - argh! Right, off to work out how to de-Facebook without offending the genuinely nice people I have met there, as to honest, I really have had enough of all this nonsense.