Been a little quiet lately

Been quiet for a bit as very tired. Last week was busier than it seemed at the time and it caught up on me.
DH is now out of work on a temp basis, but for some reason it's not worrying either of us at all. It's such a relief to have him back in mind as well as body it's worth a little upheaval. We had a long talk the other night and with any luck it's probalby galvanised us into moving forward rather than clinging to bits and pieces that should be binned or let go of.
I have been busy fibre wise, but it's been knitting rather than spinning or weaving. Need to block the Seasons of Lace Shawl. It really has been lurking for too long now, but with DH at home I should get an oportunity soon. Knitted a hat and matching fingerless gloves last week. Think I might start another hat later. In the mean time I'm about half way through another shawl knitted in the possum/merino and cashmere (above) that I spun earlier in the year. It's turning out quite yummy, a traditional shale pattern but in the round. Quite fun really. Right then, off to it before the next distraction sneaks up!