Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Here Comes The Rain

Well, it's been a very busy couple of days in the Dewfall houshold, starting with a lovely visit from Freya on her way down to Cornwall, she had brought chocolate cake with her, so DH and #1son we well chuffed. We had a lovely evening despite my cooking, I haven't got a beef and ale pie crust that wrong in years.... (cooking, I believe, is like parking - tidal and hormonal). As the gales were setting in, Freya didn't leave early the next morning so we had extra knitting time, absolutely splendid, and her Wisteria jumper really is a fabulous shade of green. Once we had seen Freya on her way, and #1 Son to a short outward bound course at Kilve (in howling gales, I'm such a caring mother....) Chris and I wandered up to Ikea in Bristol. The trip up and the visit itself weren't a problem - new fabric for dresses, yumm! The journey home was awful though and took 4 hours instead of 45 mins - argh! Rest of the weekend was nice and quiet. Have been bought an early birthday present in the sales - a nice tiny Philips iPod thingy, really tiny and just right for talking books, I'm so excited. DH is downloading Dune and I Claudius (unabridged) for me. Just right to knit and spin to. In addition DH was sweet enough to plumb mains electricity into my workshop this weekend - whee hee! So now no-one will see me for days at a time, maybe now I shall get to catch up on the spinning backlog and play with my loom! Right then, off to make soup for lunch, Freya will be here fairly soon, on her way back up from Cornwall so something hot for lunch would be good I think. Now then, red lentil or butternut squash...

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