Been busy this week....

Been more than a bit busy this week, so I thought I would just post a photo and a note on the stuff I've been doing or I will be here for ever (and I really want to be a-spinning today!)
Last weekend, we scooted off to Durdle Door and had a lovely time, the sun shone, the sky was blue and we really couldn't believe that it was mid October. DH & #1Son spent the weekend hiking the dogs across the cliffs and along the beaches. (The dogs are still sleeping it off and it's now Friday..... lazy hounds!)
Once we got back, I spent Tuesday dying as I had no yummy rovings and scrummy sock yarns for the Wool Weekend . Being surrounded by all these lovely colours is really inspiring. I promised I'd make up some spindle kits and sock kits. I might just pop some on Etsy next week. These are just too yummy not to share about. Memo to me, write a sock pattern this afternoon. The rest of the week hasn't been as productive. We had the plumbers in on Wednesday (to conect up the Solar Panel that was fitted last week). Unfortunately, whilst they were at it, they managed to tangle the mains cables for the downstairs lights around the hot pipes and yours truely woke up at 2 in the morning to the smell of gently cooking live cables! Sooooo, the nice Electrician who was supposed to be here for one day to connect the new electric controls for the Solar Panels has been here for 2 days as he has had to put right the extreme plumbing/eletrics of the chaps on Wednesday! Oh well, at least Saturday at the Wool Weekend will seem like a picnic after this!