How did this all start?

I've just been asked how I started spinning, it got me thinking and this was my answer: How did I start spinning.... Now let me see, I've always knitted and some time ago, I became very ill. My Asthma became brittle with all the irritations that that entails, so I was left sitting around being able to do very little but read (2-3 novels a day most weeks!). And then to avoid the boredom I started knitting whilst reading.... And then I discovered that my LYS was in the dark ages. If I wanted to knit a garment in plastic and a rather fetching shade of lime, they were the people to see I was forced to search further and further afield for my precious yarn, resorting to mail order (unheard of at the time in Rural Somerset). Although Astrid's was a comfort, it's just the same when you can't squidge. So I caved and bought my first wheel after a visit my local Guild (I had hopes of spindling everywhere, but when I discovered how much you can produce on a wheel in one go ). My first Wheel was a Kromsky Symphony. I now have 2 Majacrafts, the Suzy and a Little Gem to travel with (not an Ashford fan me, the bobbins are too small and they have only just woken up to the new ideas that Majacraft discovered years ago!) I also own a large floor loom, 2 rigid heddle looms (fabulous for hand spun!) and large collection of expensive drop spindles (usually with a little wisp of space dyed roving hanging off!) tastefully arranged in one of my favourite vases (I don't do cut flowers - the asthma!). I also have in my stash approx 75 fleeces (45 or so are Shetland), and various kilos of rovings. Plain I get from Europa Wools or space dyed rovings from my good friends Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth and Amanda Hannaford they are such a talented dyers that I rarely bother to dye my own! Well, you did ask! I now spin every day - for as long as I can manage. And when I'm not in a position to spin, I knit, or weave, or read about spinning, or knitting, or weaving..... I have mentioned Ravelry haven't I?


Muhammad Yaqoob said…
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