The price of socks, and other items.

Well, no longer will I sit and take it on the chin when the price of my shawls is questioned. I know that I price them very reasonably (when I can bring myself to part with one!), and the next person to suck their teeth and suggest (in that tone usually reserved for children or mental defectives), that maybe I might be overcharging just a teenyweeny bit can just go hang!
What has brought this on? Well, I was reading the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, trying to be patient and waiting for my cold to go away, and I came across the following entitled Feet First:
The Saturday Telegraph Magazine 11 October 2008. Page 18. Retail Therapy for men, by Clare Richardson
Whilst I wish Holland and Holland the best of luck and I'm sure that they are the best organic wool, hand knitted socks they could find, £195 is an impressive price!
So the next time some one approaches me and tries to persuade me to sell them one of my hand knitted items at a knock-down price (as between friends), I shall brandish my Telegraph Magazine under their nose and politely suggest where they can keep their offer....