The EW Man came....

We had the nice man from the Education Authority come today to discuss how #1son is coming along. It was a bit difficult in a way, whilst he gave contacts etc to get #1Son into to take his GCSE's in May (dead exciting.) the LEA can't help us with what to do in the next 2 years whilst he waits to be old enough to be accepted in the Further Education and/or Higher Education. Pretty damned annoying really, looks like we will be funding what ever he decides to do for the next 2 years - oh well, it was worth a try. What #1Son won't be doing is sitting around waiting until he is old enough, his brain wold rot. So it's just a case of keeping him busy I suppose. He would like qualifications to show for it tho.
Drew the curtains this morning and saw this, the colours have completely changed from a week ago, still misty but harsher somehow. The quality of the light was really quite ethereal.
And I've been invited to take part in an exhibition next year, so really excited. Not sure yet what I would put forward, but really exciting stuff one way or another. It's cheered me up no end.