Thursday, 13 November 2008

Just a little catch-up....

Not a lot of happening but hey, that's not necesarrilly a bad thing. I've managed to nearly catch up with my knitting. Spinning is still out of the window, I'm sleeping loads still (this post viral thing really is a PIA.), but I've finished several novels and as it is my turn to do the cooking, I have spent the afternoons in the kitchen. Really proud though, #1son has just completed his GCSE Maths course. He only has the assignments to go to keep his hand in and then he wants to take the exams next June (that will be Maths, Geography, English, Physics, and IT Studies) only two years early! Not bad, not bad at all. It will be interesting to hear what the chap who monitors his home ed progress says when he arrives tomorrow for the annual review. Got my shawls back from the boutique today, she's not doing very well at all poor soul, so I thought it would be best if I put them up for sale somewhere myself. So next week will be busy, need to assemble the spindle kits for the Ladies Craft Fair thingy on the 29th, and I shall also be sorting and opening a shop in 1000Markets (got invited, very pleased actually, think I will pop my shawls in there and also any hat/mitt sets that are not for Christmas). I shall also be sorting a new web site (scary stuff! I'd not really got the hang of the last one, but hey ho....) Whilst we were in Glastonbury, we dropped into the Crystal Man, always a good idea. DH bought me a fabulous pair of earings carved from mother of pearl. The only problem is that he won't let me wear them before Christmas - bah! Going to sulk now!

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