Busy Doing Nothing

This flu vaccine is the pits! I've been really sluggish and sleepy all week - bah! The up side is that I've got lots of knitting done! I've finished a shawl (Chistmas Pressy), and another pair of socks (CP's) in my defence, the person concerned has rediculously small feet! I've now started yet another pair, these are toe ups for a change, but I didn't like the pattern particularly, so I thought I would have a stab at making my own, if it works, I'll write it up for every one. I have 2 pairs to make, so I should have got the corners knocked off by the end of the second pair. #1 son has a cold, so is spending his time alternating between complaining what a terrible mother I am, (I won't let him off any academic stuff) and running up and down the stairs getting really excited about the information on genetics/chromasomes that he discovered whilst researching tungsten..... The joys of home education. Right then, I'm off the finally wash and block a couple of shawls!