Thursday, 11 December 2008

Latest Spinning.........

I felt that it was about time that I brought a little order to my life! (Who am I kidding...) so from now on, this is where I shall wax lyrical about my yarns etc and my other blog is where you may just find me cussing the milk man (if I had one.). Right then, the photos. After treating my Majacraft Suzy to new drivebelts (I have an acelerator head, so I did mean 2, not lost it that much yet....). I felt it was time to crack on with some of the projects that have been stacking up whilst I've been forced to be away from my workshop. So here goes! The coloured fibre is a Merino/Tussah silk mix that I fell in love with a couple of months ago and decided that I really needed in my stash. It's hand painted by Artis-Anne. I have divided it up into 2 lots, the first third, is to be spun finely and plied to itself to give some concentrated colour, and the second 2/3's are to be spun to the same weight and plyed with some fine white merino that I managed to find in the stash. This will give me more washed out colours but will save the individual blocks of colour when I knit with the finished yarn. Once I have finished spinning, the resultant yarn will be for a snood that I have in mind. The brighter colour being for the edge.


Artis-Anne said...

Ohhhhhh that will make a yummy snood:)
I think I may be lusting after a Majacraft Suzie but I wil probably have to sell my soul to be able to afford it :( Then again I do wonder if I really do need to change my wheel, again !! Maybe if we sold DH wheel he could have mine LOL
Are you happy with yours?

peahen said...

You're such an imaginative person. I love the look of coloured fibre, but find it hard to visualise a finished item. You just seem to be bubbling over with ideas! I think I need to stop trying to force ideas onto fibre and start listening to it instead! Looking forward to seeing how this looks as yarn and then the finished item.