Monday Again!

It has just struck me that I haven't blogged for ages - slap those knuckles, naughty me! I think it is because I keep waiting for photo's, well, here is what I've been a-doing with none! So there! All words.....

I've had enough of green yarn for a while, so when I finished a pair of fingerless mitts for DH for Xmas I've put it away (200gms of hand dyed worsted mohair DK - 2 pairs of socks and a pair of mitts and still some left over - I'm secretly impressed!). I've now found out some 50% tencil and 50% merino that I spun last year. I didn't really enjoy spinning it, don't like the feeling of tencil fibre in my hands, but it is turning out to be far more fun to knit with. I sat down with all the stitch pattern books and worked out a pretty snood pattern, 3" in and it seems to be working - hooray! I've nearly finished plying the shetland with some cobweb merino/mohair so when that is washed up, it will probably be popped in my Etsy shop next week, as my finer hand spun seems to be more popular at the moment. Once it is finished, I shall then be able to change my drive bands (I'm feeling brave!) and spin some really amazing merino/silk rovings that I bought from Mama Mi a couple of months ago (should have been good, but couldn't resist!). I shall spin it nice and finely and then spin the equivilent amount of some really fine plain merino fibre I found in my stash yesterday. Once they are done, they can get plyed together and I shall get the yarn for a big snuggy snood for me! It will also get my eye in so to speak so that I can go on and start my big project (more of that later!) Right then, off to supervise whilst #1Son make fudge..... At least I can get some knitting done whilst I watch!


Artis-Anne said…
What gorgeous knits you have in your Etsy shop
You are such a talented lady