What a Week!

Deary me, what a week! Just as I thought I was getting over this flu vaccine, something in the house upset my lungs, we think it was a different fabric conditioner, even tho I gave it the sniff test in the supermarket. The results were pretty impressive, and I lost several days. But I still managed to get together with Helen of Wool and Willow (she hasn't got a website yet, but I think she and #1Son may end up doing a barter, website for basket weaving lessons....!) We had a lovely afternoon, knitting and talking shop.
She and I, together with Amanda Hannaford and Carol Mellish, had a table at the Ladies Christmas Fayre at Fernhill Farm on Saturday night. As Carol and Amanda were unable to make it on the night, they sent some goods up and with the help of DH, Helen and I held the fort. It all looked pretty darned splendid and for those who managed to get there, it was a lovely time. I also got the meet Ama Bolton who is organising the Kate Lynch Exhibition which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, the fog came down and attendance was lower than it would otherwise have been, but the food was fantastic, the music brilliant and according to DH, the mulled cider was pretty darned good too!
And so back to it! 1000Markets it would seem is a dead end. Because I do not reside in the USA, and they have no plans at the moment to deal with anyone other than the Amazon payment system, it would appear that I can't have a shop with them - as no-one will be able to pay me! Very short sighted I feel, I wrote and told them so.
But no worries, I shall open another section on my
Etsy shop to accommodate my shawls and all will be well. I have lots of stuff to post anyway so guess what I shall be up to this evening. Hopefully it will all be up to date by the end of the week, what a surprise. I shall also have some kits to add, both spinning and sock, so we shall see how they go.
In addition, I am in the process of sorting a new web site (it's all go around here, I can tell you!). Due certain things out of my control, Yarnspider will be going ".eu" rather than ".co.uk" in the next couple of days (I still own .co.uk, but the domain hosts won't let me move it to Microsoft for 6 months, so "sod 'em" as they say in the UK!). Gosh, all this exciting stuff happening all at once, I can hardly contain myself..... Off to wrestle with website stuff now, catch you later.