Another Section Finished.

Feeling really pleased with myself at the moment! I finished this phase of my project off yesterday, a little later than planned, but nevertheless not that far over deadline. (yep, I really do try to set and hold to deadlines!)

It's been really quite fun spinning straight fine wool tops at the same time as comparing them to the merino/silk mix of last week.

The fibres behaved in a pretty similar manner, although the merino/silk was slightly easier to draft. The colours have turned out again pretty similar in tone although, less bright. There is however far more lustre than I thought there would be. Right then, for the boring stuff: there turned out to be

128m of the Northern Lights plyed to itself, and 409m plyed to the Green Great. Proving what we all knew, that the finer the fibre, the further it goes!


Bishop Stone said…
Ilove those colours. Did you ply two of the same or are they different colours?
Yarnspider said…
thanks, I plyed the green with the NL's for the marled yarn and then the smaller one that has more solid colour in it is NL's plyed to itself.