Been busy this week....

It's lovely having my wheel where I can get at it, and as a result yarn is beginning to appear at a pretty satisfying rate! This, fabulous Northern Lights Merino and Silk fibre from Freyalyn was divided into 1/3, 2/3 lots. The 1/3 was spun at a ratio of about 32:1 on my Majacraft Suzie and then plyed to itself. I did the same with the 2/3, but plyed them to the "Green Great" colourway that I had spun at the same ratio. And this is what I got!!
The colours are actually far richer than they look here, but the contrast between the 2 batches is about right. I ended up with 124m of the Northern Lights plyed to itself, and 466m plyed to the Green Great fine wool.
Now then, on to the next part!