Next on the wheel.

Bit of a dark picture, but I was trying to avoid too much reflection without taking it out of the packets! Some time ago, I decided I would like to experiment with different fibres in the same colour scheme so that, once they were spun, I could design and knit a shawl showing off the different textures and lustre's within the discipline of spinning to the same weight of yarn and dying them the same colours. Well, my good friend Freyalyn was kind enough to help me out, so here goes! The Fibres are as follows clockwise: 100gms Silk/Merino; 100gms Fine Wool top; 50gms Silk/Angora/Merino; 50gms Baby Camel & Silk. All are in the same hand dyed colour way - Northern Lights, and they are resting on 500gms of Fine Wool top dyed in Green Great colourway. I plan to spin each fibre the same way, 1/3 plyed onto itself and 2/3 ply with the green. I shall also spin at least 100gm of straight Leaf Green. I suppose whilst I am spinning I shall have to put my mind to the best way to show off the combinations and colourways in a shawl of my own design. I've got some ideas, so this should be fun. If all co-operates, it should all be finished to show off in about 3 months at Wonderwool Wales on Freyalyn's stall.