On my wheel this week.

So following on from last week, I have sorted the next batches of fibre.
This is the first 1/3 of the fine wool tops dyed in the NL colourway. (The third that I intend to ply to itself).
And then the second 2/3 NL will be plyed to equal amounts of Green Great.
I'm looking forward to comparing the differences in spinning (same ratios) and how different the lustre on the finished yarn will be. It should be more dull as it will have no silk in it. There will also be the question of drape.
See you later, I'm off to spin!


Bishop Stone said…
Those are great colours. I went to a dyeing workshop recently and I totally love your colours.
Yarnspider said…
Thank you so much. I must give the credit to Freyalyn though. Whilst I can and do dye myself, for a project like this, I couldn't really beat Freya's work.