Baby Camel and Silk/Fine Wool Tops

And another is finished! hooray! Actually, I finished this over a week ago, I just haven't gotten around to showing it off, sorry folks.
I am however, very pleased with the way it has turned out, really soft and scrummy with a fabulous lustre and a really understated contrast between the baby camel and silk plyed to itself and that plyed to the fine wool tops.
Now to the technical bit....
The Baby Camel and Silk blend was an absolute hoot to spin, it drafts smoothly and is effortless - want more!! As before, both the Fine Wool Tops and the Baby Camel were spun at a ratio of 1:32 and yielded as follows:
15 gms of Baby Camel and silk plyed to itself - 45m
34 gms of Baby Camel and silk plyed to equal amounts of Green Great Fine Wool Top - 200m.


Bishop Stone said…
That green is really lovely. I bet it fels as good as it looks.