Finished Silk/Angora/Merino (should have been posted yesterday...!)

Well, here we are, running a little late but hey ho! (I was posting this yesterday when reality interrupted!)this is the finished Angora mix plyed both with itself and with the fine wool tops in Great Green. The angora wasn't as easy to spin as I would have liked, but the resultant yarn is very satisfying. The Angora mix plyed to itself gave me 35.9m, the weight being the same as the rest. (It has all been spun and plyed on 32:1).

The larger amount (Angora mix plyed with fine wool tops) gave 162.9m.

I'm really very pleased with the outcome as so far, I have been able to keep the spinning consistant and the yarn is all of a similar weight, yay! go me....


Bishop Stone said…
that is really nice.