Latest Spinning for March

And now to my latest spinning. Not so long ago I was asked to spin the yarn, design and knit a shawl for a friend's daughters wedding, so here we find ourselves. There is no major deadline (just as well, as this is me we are talking about here!!) and the design is at my discretion, so just my favourite sort of project.
The fibre that was chosen is first clip baby alpaca. It's a fabulous pale honey, that doesn't photograph well under artificial light and looks like toffee by flash (just look at the difference!). I sourced this locally and had it processed to pencil rovings by the fabulous people at Norweft.
I am unwinding it and fluffing it off the bump, then long draw spinning it beautifully finely if i say so myself. The bump I'm using is approximately 286gms. I'm really itching to see how much it is going to yield.


peahen said…
Honey, toffee... now I'm hungry! Certainly looks good enough to eat. I'm looking forward to seeing the shawl develop. What pattern will you use?
Yarnspider said…
Not at all sure yet, will make up my own (that way I can't mis-read the pattern haha!). What I do know is that it will be circular and probably quite simple. Depends how the yarn behaves once it has been plyed I suppose ;0)
Artis-Anne said…
Oh that looks so soft and yummy. I am sure it will spin like a dream