And on my wheels at the moment.

I thought I would just share what I am spinning now, right this minute!
On the Suzy, I have left the ratio set as was for the ultra fine merino (see finished bobbin on the left.) so that I shall be able to return to spin the other bobbin in a week or two.
On to this ratio, with the Fine Flyer attached, I have spun long draw at a ratio of 23:1, one of two half bobbins of Freyalyn's fabulously fine sock stuff. It really is a pleasure to spin as it just flows through the orifice. Once I've spun the other one I shall just ply off and wash. There are 2 half bobbins as it will make it a lot easier than plying back on itself. (A pair of socks in the offing for DH here I think.).
On the Little Gem I have some really special fine wool tops that Freyalyn dyed for me last autumn (always on top of things me!). They are coming up beautifully, so easy to spin (again long draw with the Fast whorl 15.8:1). I have used the ordinary flyer on the Gem even though I'm spinning long draw, as I can turn the entire head to a comfortable angle - cool stuff eh? I'm not sure what or if I will ply this, as the colours are just so smoothly moving from one to the next. I'm thinking I may leave it as a single and knit as entrelac with a plain single of the the darkest shade. I'm getting excited about that as an idea... Hmmmmmmnn will need to go plot more on this I think.
And finally, waiting in the wings for a space is some corriedale and soya blend that I put through the drum carder whilst I still had one (so pretty much ages ago!) I though that I would spin it up to make (yet more) sock yarn. This time for my Etsy Shop. So as soon as I finish the sock stuff I think this will be next on the Suzy, I started it off on the Little Gem at the Demonstration at the Bath and West. I doubt it will take long.


Freyalyn said…
Pretty stuff, and you say such nice things about me....

Yarnspider said…
Very easy to do sweety.
Artis-Anne said…
Al so very pretty and very organized too . They are fantastic wheels aern't they I love mine too . Thanks to your enabling of course ;)