Sock Yarn Extravaganza

I came to the conclusion about a week ago (just after spending several hours at the Bath & West Show spinning for the shearers - makes sense when you are there, promise!). That I was bored with the fine lavender Merino for the moment.
I also didn't want to put my Little Gem away as I have been having such fun with it. So I have spun up some sock yarn, as I obviously haven't enough! It's a soft yummy mix from Freyalyn with just sufficient silk to make it a little luxury for my toes.
It was long draw spun on my Little Gem using the High Speed Whorl that I picked up from Hedgehog Equipment at Woolfest last year. I'm still really peeved that I can't make it this year, but there really is no help for it. Maybe next year life will co-operate a little more.