Knitting Update (Workshop update will follow later...)

Realised that I haven't posted in a while, so here are my latest on the needle! The first is the wedding shawl I'm attempting to knit, all hearts & flowers (Valentine design Doily in the First Book of Modern Lace as inspiration). It was being knitted from really fine pale moorit merino. Then the bastard dog got at it! (Memo to me, keep expensive knitting in clip boxes!) I think I shall take it down to workshop for afternoon knitting & rescue later this week!!
Next is the Guesswork sweater. As the name suggests, I was feeling very brave when I cast this on - no pattern and no idea where I was going.... In the circumstances, not too bad I feel, couple of points: looks better on than off, and secondly I'm not really a very short hunchback, I will be knitting a couple of balls into the bottom welt, hope that will stop the rolling!!
Finally an update of the Northern Lights project. Have reached the arm steeks (to be added next round whoopee!). It's knitting up really evenly, I must knit more of my hand spun this is really fun!! The contrast with the lining really sets the colours off. All in all, v.pleased with the whole thing so far (although getting bored & want to reach to hood already!!) Only complaint is the size. Sad to say, have re-measured appropriate bits of anatomy and it is right - argh! Am kidding myself that by the time I've finished it, I will have lost loads of weight & will need to wear over several sweaters in depths of winter..... Oh boy, am I optimistic!!


Joansie said…
Too funny! Dang dog!!! As the Yarn Harlot says, "knitters are the most giving people" because we don't swatch, hope it will fit, then doesn't so we find someone to gift it to.
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