My Workshop.

Once again, I'm having to start with an apology. I had intended to post this last week, but M.E., and decorating the Snug (I was cut off from my blogs! No computer or any fink!) just plain got in the way. Oh well, back on track for the rest of the year (with luck!).

Now, to my workshop! Still spinning the same fibre, but I am beginning to see the end - hooray!. I had to suspend the spinning of the purple merino, until I had re-carded the 2nd half of the the rovings. They had just managed to felt whilst I dyed them. I really cussed, as had no-one to blame but me! Now all beautifully re-carded (only took 3 weeks - M.E. strikes again!) so I can finish now. It is spinning just so well.

In the mean time, I've been getting on with the 56's on my Little Gem - a real pleasure to spin. But Freyalyn's fibres always are a pleasure, on so many levels. I've filled 2 bobbins and have about 25% left so not doing too badly at all. It will be plied with some lamb and angora blend for a sweater for #1Son. So, after a smug moment, on to my nearly organised loom room - cool huh?

I've decided just to weave lots of little bits and drop them all into a basket. then closer to Christmas, I shall have pressies without last minute panic. Well, that is the idea, we shall see. Either way, sleyed rigid heddles hung on the wall look so much nicer than empty ones, which always look unloved somehow.

Now then.

The first I have managed to sley, is the Kromski - a lovely rigid heddle - so easy to use, it really is my favourite. On it, is a cashmere DK warp in natural cream. I intend the weft to be some more of the same yarn, some cream, and some dyed in very pale greens and browns. Blocks of each I think and a tabby weave.

So soft, it will make a lovely scarf/wrap I think.

The other 2 will be sleyed as follows:

Ashford rigid heddle: dyed silk (greens and blues in the top of the basket) to make a table runner in peacock blues and greens.

LeClerc 4 Shaft Table: Looking forward to this one, my lovely friend Carol Mellish was destashing and I acquired (ahem!) these 2 cones of lambs wool (?) (bottom, and bottom left of basket). Sage for the warp I think, and the greeny heather for the weft. A nice twill scarf may just emerge - fingers crossed.


Joansie said…
Lots of interesting things on this post. You are so talented. I've never used a loom before and am afraid if I tried, I'd want one also.

Have a great weekend!
Yarnspider said…
No no! Stop, you make me blush. But seriously, come over to the warped side... you know you want to....