Thursday, 3 September 2009

Latest spinning...

Just a catch up on my spinning, I have been spinning you know.... Any hoo, I'm up to 2 FULL bobbins of the hand dyed fine wool tops from Freyalyn although they seem totally different, they really do have the same colours inside... promise!! Have another 100gms to go and then I can start on the other fibre to marl the yarn with. I took a break to spin these BFL humbug tops from Amanda Hannaford they are turning out all tweedy, totally different from the way I thought they would. I'm spinning these on my Little Gem as at the moment it is seeming more fun than the Suzy, the ratios etc haven't been changed from the fine wool tops so when I've finished I can just pop an empty bobbin on and carry on with them. I think it will make a fab sock yarn when it's finished. And finally, the second bobbin of the ultra fine merino is tootling along not forgotten, just boring.... Ooo slap those knuckles! I know it will be fab yarn once it's been plyed. Yep I think it will be plyed. A more satisfying yarn I think, not as fine, but much nicer to knit with.

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