Sunday, 22 November 2009

Now I know why it's taken so long....

Four fabulous hanks of loveliness. I am just sooo proud of myself. It has taken me since June and I really was beginning to despair. I thought I had dropped into a fibre take on the Inferno. Doomed to spin and never finish... Left to right is the Lavender Merino, followed by 3 hanks of Autumn Colours. If the ply seems a little crisp, it's because I haven't had the energy to was and block as yet (by Christmas, I'm sure.). I don't suppose anyone remembers my posts of 14 June, so I shall give a little reprise. This is the completed the 252gms of Ultra Fine Merino spun on my Majacraft Suzy at a ratio of 23:1. Initially, I intended to leave it as singles but after careful thought, I plied it. It has produced over 644m of equal to a 4 ply. It is just sooo squishy and soft, I am really quite pleased. Whether I want to face it to knit it for a while - don't really think so, all lavendered out. The Autumn colours are the 450gms of English 54's fine wool tops that Freyalyn dyed for me about this time last year. I know I had intended to ply it with some white, but to be honest, the colour would have ended up as really insipid and as it is, it is truly vibrant. It was spun long draw on the Majacraft Little Gem at a ratio of 18.5:1 and has produced 1212m! I'm really pleased with it and DH has fallen for it, he has managed to talk me into knitting him an old mans cardigan (his favourite sort). I said yes as I'm a sucker for a cute face so next years big projects are beginning to line up already!

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