What Sarah is doing next...

It really was lovely, after an epic week of plying, I was in a position on Friday to choose what to do next! Wha-hey! After doing the victory jig in my head (far too much energy usage to perform in person) this is what took my eye. Actually, it has been sitting teasing me for quite a while now, so here we go.
Some time ago, I fell in love with these 2 fine bundles from Amanda Hannaford
(the link doesn't seem to work, so in long hand she is www.mandacrafts.etsy.com)
and just knew I needed to take them home, to love a squudge. And, eventually spin. So here we are. The first is 211gms of 28 micron Falklands tops that she has dyed the most fabulous Eau de Nil (which, oddly enough, is what she has called it!) I know it looks an odd blue, but it really isn't! The second, is 213gms of space dyed soybean tops in a colourway called Victorian Velvet.
Now. For some reason, the colours just haven't come out as brightly as they are in reality because I promise the two go together perfectly and will look stunning as a plyed yarn which I tend to do as follows:
The Majacraft Suzy, long draw with a ratio of 23.9:1 (gosh, aren't I being accurate!) After each is spun they will be plyed together to product a fab squishy yarn about equal to a light 4 ply. Predominantly a mottled Eau de Nil with flashes of silky colour through it. With any luck it should look a bit like oil on water, which is what I'm aiming for!!