Ok, so I haven't been spinning much,

But I have been knitting! And lots of it too! First off is my Northern Lights Jacket! Finally it is completed and I must say, it has turned out quite differently to the way I thought that it might. The colours are far subtler that I anticipated, which brings the hood into sharp contrast. It's also far light than I thought it would be. the sleeves are pretty deep, but that was deliberate as I wanted to be able to put it on over another couple of layers. Very satisfying to have brought it from fibre to finished object. I have posted lots of FO pix in Ravelry.

The next completed piece is a Secret, as it hasn't arrived at its destination yet as I'm still knitting it's sister. But the colours and texture are so nice I thought I'd just share a little bit.

And now to the work outstanding bit!

Not as much as there was and going down quite rapidly (apart from the last couple of days when due to life getting in my way I haven't managed any!). First off is my domino Shrug in Noro Silk Garden. This pattern is one I found in Domino Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro. It's coming along pretty darned well if a trifle slowly. The Noro lends itself to this type of knitting, but having to cast on and off all the time I find rather fiddly and time consuming (as will be the weaving in of the tails I suspect). But if you only have the odd 20min's at a time and want something that can be picked up and put down easily, this is the pattern for you. If I weren't quite so pressed with other bits, I should probably be enjoying it more to be fair.

Whilst visiting family over Christmas, I CO another pair of socks (well, I do, don't I). And they are just right for knitting in bed (doesn't everyone?). I CO these from the toes up and have nearly finished the cuff. I intend to put in an afterthought heel, and as I knew pretty much where I wanted it, I knitted 2/3 of a row with spare yarn and then went back across and continued knitting as normal. A really neat cheat I think, as now when I get to the heels I don't have to unpick and all the stitches will be there to pick up once I've ripped out the snippet of yarn.

Finally, the other piece I have on the go is the sister to my finished secret, but the texture is just so fantastic and the colour so rich I just had to share. I spun up this Wensleydale ages ago and it's just been sitting taunting me, so I felt it really deserved to be used. I was considering CO my Dutch Jacket for the Olympics, but somehow, I feel there really isn't much point.


Jo said…
Fab jacket, I went and had a eek on rav, be great to see a photo of what it looks like on!
Yarnspider said…
It's still drying at the mo, as soon as it's totally dry, you won't be able to get me out of it.