Well now.

Well, now, bit of an odd week. I went down with a cold about Wednesday. Which meant that the soya fibre (see pic) whilst no longer looking like this, it is now a bobbin of really groovy single hasn't yet been plied with all the fab Falklands. Which is also sitting patiently on one and a bit bobbins. Hopefully and I do mean hopefully, it will be plied and pixed here by the end of this week In the mean time, I have not been totally idle (although I shall now confess, there are NO pix, as I have been far too wobbly to take any - the camera was too heavy). I have knitted loads more squares in the my Domino shrug from the Domino Knitting book. Having said that, would I CO another project from there? Probably not for a couple of years, my yen for knitting little squares, has pretty much been satisfied for a long time. I have also, finally, reached the edge of the dreaded wedding shawl - once it is finished I probably will never want to see that again either! After a lot of thought, I felt that a mimosa (sensitivity) edging was the wrong flower for edging and settled for Lilly of the Valley (happiness)instead. I then discovered that I couldn't find the edging I wanted so ended up writing my own pattern (if it works, I shall share - promise!). And finally I have knitted the yoke of the Seventeenth Century Undershirt, as published in Piecework Magazine. After knitting the yoke, I suspect if #1Son likes the result and I get to knit it again - v.likely at the mo, I will be amending the pattern and popping a steek in the opening at the neck. I really can't be doing with all this back and forth knitting when it just patently isn't necessary! Also have a shorter opening than in the pattern but that is just personal preference! And finally, I am in heaven! My Anna Zilboorg book Magnificent Mittens & Socks arrived. I am in awe! So beautifully photographed and such fantastically clear instructions that even I can follow - hurrah! My bed time reading for the foreseeable has been sorted. And maybe, once I have wiped all the drool off the book, I might even start knitting one of the patterns!