Finished it!

I have been rather busy actually, in between other stuff. Came to the conclusion that If I only have a finite number of Spoons to use in any one day I am going to spend most of it in my workshop unless people turn up, and even then, it's a toss up!. Firstly - look! This is the Falklands/Soy yarn I blogged about last time. It's just sooo pretty, I must admit it will probably hang there for a while, whilst I decide what I want to do with it. Mine all mine tee hee! (200m of plain and 500m of soy mix). It has a fabulous lustre to it and what I will do with it I'm really not sure. Yet. Then there is the Texel x Shetland/angora that I had on my wheel last time I blogged. This has been finished now (Told you I had been spending time in my workshop!). After looking at the singles for a bit, I decided that wasn't going to be sufficient for #1Sons sweater, so I also spun up a couple of hundred grams of Freyalyn's hand dyed rovings in various blues. Then I plyed them all together I am rather pleased with the overall marled effect and most important of all #1Son has announce himself satisfied. Which to be honest is the most important thing. I felt that this was the time to take advantage of the ratio/head that is at the moment on my Suzy and spin some more DK, so here it is! About a year ago (yikes!) I dyed up these grey Masham rovings (582gms). The picture doesn't really do them justice as there are some dark electric blues and rich purples in there - promise! So here they are on the bobbin and really quite sexy they look too,with pleanty of lustre. They are being spun on a 6:8 ratio and seem to be whizzing through at the moment. Although, ask me again in a day or two.!