And another thing...

I had done in the last month was indulge myself (I know, difficult to believe!). At Wonderwool Wales I bought some 100gm packs of various fibres from Freyalyn Fibres Now then, what makes these fibres even more interesting than normal (and Freya's fibres are always interesting, I can never keeps my hands in my pockets when I'm near her stand.) where was I? Ah yes, more interesting than normal. Is that they were all dyed with the same recipe/colour way (in this case Firebird) but onto completely different fibres, some clear white and some coloured. This meant I ended up with a wonderful selection of yarn in DK that all compliments and contrasts with each other with no arguments. White Cheviot; Coloured Blue Faced Leicester; Natural Grey Shetland As you can see, the differences are quite startling, whilst at the same time really effective. The yields were as follows: All spun on a Majacraft Suzy with a ratio of 9:7, spun and plyed to DK.

100gm white cheviot: 138m

100gm coloured BFL: 147m

100gm grey shetland: 131m


Joansie said…
Wow! nice job!
Yarnspider said…
Thank you kindly.