And so to the rug on my loom

Because there is a rug on my loom.  (Of course there is, where else would it be?).  

Several weeks ago, the workmen left my house after fitting an upstairs toilet - hooray!  This meant that for the first time in the 13 years that we have been here (I think it's 13, I lost count about 2006) we are not waiting for anything dusty/rubble laden to happen upstairs.  (I'm not going to say this too loudly, I 'm not one to tempt fate).  And so we finally noticed that we didn't have a carpet in the upstairs hall.  I thought it would be a good idea to weave a runner rather than buying new carpet.

 Why buy new carpet when we could have something more personal and cosy instead?
I must have been totally nuts, possibly having a blond/senior/M.E. moment - who knows?  The upshot being, that I measured a stupendously long warp, which took ages to slay, onto my floor loom.  (which is now back in the house - me not having enough room left in my workshop - oops!).  
Then there was the whole oh, whoops!  The brake is on the wrong way round and its made the tension totally non-existent thing. (This what happens when you have lost the assembly instructions for your very large Leclerc Colonial  and have to allow DH & #1Son to put it together whilst peering at v.small diagram on laptop). Attempting to weave a rug with a variable tension is in interesting experience.  Not good, but interesting.  

In the end though, with a little help from DH - the brake now works, although for a time I couldn't actually take it off! - pathetic or what!  All has settled down and it is beginning to look nearly like I can weave.  Well I can, I just haven't for a couple of years!  I've managed the first couple of feet  and I really am rather please.  Only another 2 metres or so to go!  

The lovely thing is, that with it all being set up in the house, it's no big deal to sit down and weave an inch and then go put my feet up and get over the effort.  So now, there should be more items, once I've finished this one anyway.


Heather said…
This is going to be fantastic!!
(The 'ordeal' will be worth it when you're done!)
Good luck and I hope you'll post photos when you're done!
Joansie said…
I know nothing about weaving but that rug is absolutely lovely. Enjoy!
Ann said…
I had exactly the same idea using Navajo weaving! I haven't even learned how to do it yet but I'm ambitious! (I start next week) Might have to do it in sections!