My washing machine hates me!

No, really, it does.  Last week I finally decided to wash and block my Raspberry Ripple yarn. So.  I washed it - BY HAND before anyone says anything, and then I did what I always do, I popped it into the washing machine on a spin cycle before hanging and changed from this, to this!
I very nearly cried!  Ok, I did cry, and squawk and sulk.  And kick stuff.  But then, in my defence, it was only fit for the bin!

So, to make myself feel a little better, I spun up some more Corriedale and soy.  It worked.  Spinning is a pretty definite course of action if I'm feeling grumpy, it just soothes it all away.

And then I got down to some serious spinning.  For a long while now, I have had sitting in my workshop patiently waiting, a collection of fibre from Freyalyn at Wonderwool Wales 2009.  200gms of coloured BFL that had been dyed to her Mirkwood colour way and 200gms of coloured BFL in Redleaf.  Sitting next to it, quite by accident was a couple of bricks of space dyed mulberry silk from Oliver Twist that i had bought at the same time, they are really iridescent, similar to oil on water .  By some wonderful chance, the colours in Freya's Fibre caught at the highlights in the silk....   Well I just had to, didn't I?  So far, I have spun the 200gms of the Mirkwood on my Majacraft Suzy at a ratio of 16:1it didn't take long, as it was a good fibre and excellent rovings.  A really smooth spin.  A couple of days ago I started on the Silk with the same ratio.  It is spinning like a dream, some silk can be a bit of an effort, but this is just fab.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.


Joansie said…
Do you know why you had a problem when you washed the yarn? The colorway is beautiful!
Yarnspider said…
Nope! It was a total shock all round really. (Still can't think of it without sniffing!)