There is something...

...about a sticky chest infection that brings out the stubborn in me.  (Probably the frequency of them, who knows?).  The upshot of this being that instead of  being a good girl and spending months at a time in bed (wish I was joking) I tend to adjourn to my workshop with a flask of something hot/cold, keep warm and spin.
To illustrate this, I have managed to finish the Coldharbour Mill singles.  They are hanging setting waiting for my loom to be clear for the  project after next (for loom see next blog entry, I know, nothing for a month and then all at once...!).  I'm really very pleased with them, although i do wish I knew what fibres were in there for sure.

So, back to the other photo, that would be left to right, the couple of hanks of romney that I carded from a fleece  a couple of months ago, spun to a yummy tight 4ply/light dk.  And on the left, is a a truely lovely marled yarn of hand dyed (by me) silk and uber fine (-18 micron) Australian Merino which is just sooo soft and squidgy I think I may have problems popping it on my Etsy Shop.  But I have made a resolution.  If I am not spinning for specific projects, I will put said yarn in shop!  (Ok, so my stash might have been getting out of hand again, but I certainly am NOT going to admit to it!  Not even under torture!).  But that doesn't mean I can't hang it up and look at it for a while before I do though does it?  The Romney I suspect will be dyed before it reaches Etsy.  But that will probably be next week, once I can stand for long enough to play with the dye pots, (I have some rather nice merino superwash sock yarn waiting as well, so I really am looking forward to being well enough).

In the meantime, I will just have to put up with spinning, and this just jumped out of my fibre stash at me yesterday.  It's a lovely blend of baby camel and silk, hand dyed by my good friend Liz of Fibreaddicts   It's spinning up so easily, it has prompted me to have a search though the stash for the other baby camel and silk I have,  But then again, I might have changed my mind tomorrow.