And suddenly, I post 2 at once!

Well, whilst I can think about it and type at the same time,

After finishing the BFL, and silk I was going to go for a total change, but somehow it just hasn't happened, ah well.  Instead, a lovely friend of mine (Carotrike from Rav) was kind enough to give me some of Freyalyn's space-dyed BFL - beats a stick of rock any day of the week I say!
Freyalyn BFL 50gm 17 Aug 2010 001  As you can see, the colours were lovely (they came from Freya, of course they were I hear you squawk!).  but there was only about 50gms.  So, leaving my wheel set on 16:1, I spun it Long draw.  It is now sitting (and has been for the last 5 or 6 days or so) on it's bobbin settling as I don't intend to ply it.  Pictures will be forthcoming, but battery gone phut on camera!

I have now settled down to spin this for a couple of daysBFL Bumps 17 Aug 2010 002  It is 5 lovely 100gm bumps of BFL and some sort of sparkly stuff that I pick up a couple of months back and Freyalyn was generous enough to dye some of for me on it's way past her door.  More of this and pix of the other next time!