Bit of a time delay...

On posting due to being held up by really pathetic lungs!  It's been raining.  - No Laughing!  as a result, my totally usless lungs decided to ignore the essentials (you know, the whole breathing thing) for a while and catch a cold on top!  So several days without being able to string a sentence together ensued.Mirkwood BFL Marled with OT Silk 14 Aug 2010 003
Now then, where was I?  

Ah yes, the great silk brick mix.   As you can see, it has turned out very  well, quite pleasing actually.  what is interesting, is that although, both the BFL rovings, and the Silk Bricks were spun and plied one after the other and with the same ratio (16:1),  upon the same wheel (Majacraft Suzie), I have ended up with a significant difference in the thickness and length of the hanks.  Mirkwood,  [200gms BFL and 120gms Silk Brick]  above yielded 490m of marled yarn and a further 59m of BFL plied to itself whilst the Redleaf  [200gms BFL and 131gms Silk Brick] (below) yeilded 501.5m of Marled and 109.4m of self plied respectively.  The Mirkwood is slightly thicker with more loft than the Red Leaf.  But both are yummy and I am looking forward to C/O a pair of similar waistcoats/vests with the yarn,
Red Leaf BFL & Silk 05 Aug 2010 005


Joansie said…
Hope you feel better soon.

Yes, yarn sure is yummy!