Not all screw ups are for the worst.

I have been quite busy on the spinning front (as I blogged previously).  But due to a brain fog moment, finished yarn has take longer than threatened!  

It was like this, as I wanted a marled yarn, I began with 100gms of Mirkwood BFL dyed by Freyalyn and, as promised, moved on to the Oliver Twist silk brick to go with it.  I had Two silk bricks as you can see.  The one with the blues and greens in (which is destined for the Mirkwood) and one with autumn browns and reds -to go with the next project which involving 100gms of Redleaf  (thank you Freya).  
Silk Brick 1 26 April 2009 004 Silk Brick 2 26 April 2009 002
So I picked up the wrong one. So I didn't notice until I was half way through it.  So it could happen to anyone.  Ok, it couldn't.  Bloody brain fog!  At this point I was left with a full bobbin of Mirkwood BFl and a bobbin of Autumn silk.  Choice.  Either spin more silk or spin the Red Leaf.  I chose the Red leaf.  It's quicker.  No, really it is. Not by much I'll grant you, but....

Red Leaf BFL & Silk 05 Aug 2010 004Voila! I really am pleased with this.  I suspect there is enough here for a generous waistcoat possibly with sleeves.  Maybe.  

So.  I'll blog again once I've plyed the original silk, which oddly I happen to be spinning at the moment, with the Mirkwood which is sitting patiently upon it's bobbin.


fibreclaireUK said…
Looks beautiful to me : )

PS I can finally post on your blog - dont know what has changed, but it lets me in now LOL