Vlindervest (Butterfly Jacket) Amended.

As several of you are probably aware, I was given a  knitting kit for my birthday last year. For those of you on Rav, here is what it should look like.  But at that point, I hit a wall.  I don't actually speak Danish (my shortcoming, not the pattern I'm sure)..  So it got put to the bottom of the pile whilst I thought about it.  And as I considered the project, it began to take on a life of it's own.

Vlindervest 06 Sep 2010 013After careful consideration,I decided that the of the jacket would flatter me more if it had box pleats and was also longer in the body.  So the first thing I knitted was not the jacket at all, but the box pleats for attaching after the Jacket has been knitted.  This should give the finished garment a far more tailored effect.  I also came to the conclusion that using black Evilla yarn with the rainbow Kauni was a pretty harsh colour combination, so whilst i decided to let the box pleats stand (hopefully they will only flash with movement anyway) and knit the actual jacket in a combination of rainbow Kauni and plain coloured Kauni in deep green.  
Vlindervest Amended 01 Oct 2010 052And then I c/o the bodice.  I've rearranged the order of the colours to give the illusion of more of a nipped waist (a girl can hope!).  Also I have steeked the armholes rather than knitting the top half flat (at least, I think that is what the pattern was saying).  I am currently knitting the last row of butterflies before I shape the shoulders and the neck.  I shan't be knitting the round neckline of the original as it really won't flatter my already round face,   So it will be a smaller neck hole and a stand up collar (v flattering you know for those who like me have slightly less jaw line than they would like).  Then, rather than knit the sleeves independently, I intend to knit the sleeves straight off the steeked armholes.  As you have probably guessed by now, I really see no point in constructing knitting as a dress pattern when it is a three dimensional medium (so there!).  I'm not sure whether to knit the sleeves in the plain blue or to knit the same colours drifts as the arms.  


Joansie said…
Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I may have to knit that one in memory of my father-in-law who loved butterflies.