Blogging Blind

I haven't blogged for ages!  This has been a combination of being poorly (more than usual) and lack of Camera (the poor thing had a minor breakdown!)
Well, I'm not really better yet - Boxing Day Bronchitis being the latest pa lava, probably caught at the hospital whilst attending for other stuff! And whilst the Camera has recovered sufficiently to begin taking photo's again, it refuses to talk to my computer!  I considered a minor breakdown and came to the conclusion that this would take too much energy and besides is pretty much non-productive!

In stead I thought I would try to give a catch-up and a where am I without pix! Just like good old fashioned letters used to be. 

So here goes!

The Rug is no longer on the loom!  Hurray!  I finished it, and thanks to DH's best fulling efforts it is now residing on the upstairs landing in all it's green herringbone splendor!  All in all I was pleased with the outcome and it has given me some ideas and inspiration for next year.

On the spinning front, I have found myself becoming increasingly industrious, something about cold days, warm fires and a spinning wheel which is just so special over the Winter months.  I've moved into the house for the winter as it was just too cold in my workshop, and that was before the snow came.  DH and I have come to the conclusion that in future it would be a nice way to mark the seasons, and officially move me in and out, shutting up shop properly so to speak and bringing some rhythm to the year.

As a result of all the spinning there was of course lots knittings for Christmas presents - the 2 seem to go together and vast quantities of fingerless mittens, and socks have been produced, I'm still finishing it all off now.  I spun up some of Freya's  Shetland/Silk to a DK, and am currently knitting #1Son a fingerless mitts/mitten set for going back to College with as it gets so cold on the bus stops.  I've nearly finished the fingerless part and then intend to knit a pair of proper mittens to go over the top to match.  I've got some cashmere DK left over from a pinwheel cardi I knitted myself over Christmas so I thought I would line them with that.

The cotton napkins on the loom are nearly at an end, so the next thing will be to pop a nice fine white merino warp on whilst I've got the fine reed in place then I can use the really yummy fine yarns I've been spinning as weft and produce a couple of shawls, poss christening blankets.  

Ah the possibilities, and in the mean time I see several pairs of socks appearing off my knitting needles, just for something to do whilst I watch telly and get over the lurgi.