First Blog of the year - and it's still January!!

Napkin fabric11
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Wow! I suspect I may be getting my life together a bit (emergency ambulance rides withstanding). The camera is back working and talking to the computer, and I have finally finished the cloth that hase been made into napkins and sent off to rellies - they don't mind having presents late, they are all grown up understanding people.

When I cut the cloth off my loom I realised that I had several metres left over on the back beam, so my aim is to re-slay the heddles by the end of the week and maybe make something else with it I need some lining/backing for a couple of waistcoat projects that will be coming up later in the year so I think I shall probably weave some Rosepath with some doubled linen, all fun.

In the meantime, lots of socks are being produced,mostly based upon my own pattern. Toe up and nice a simple, I'm nearly at the point, where I will be able to share. I want it to be really really easy before I get there.


Artis-Anne said…
I sweetie great to see your blog post too and what an amazing woven cloth, its stunning
Artis-Anne said…
oops tthat was meant to be Hi not I :)
Yarnspider said…
Thank you muchly. Aiming for many more this year!! (If I can keep out of hospital!