I really must post

more often, but I have been bury spinning. From left to right, 3 ply Wensleydale locks, fine silk and mohair/merino mix and finally on the right baby camel and silk plied with merino/mohair mix.
All of these I've been intending to spin for a while to to see them finished and hanked ready to wash and block is a treat.

I've also been weaving, this hasn't been doing so well, mainly as I've not been well enough to keep constant tension on my throws. but there is a temple in the post winging it's way to me, so that should be sorted soon. My ridged heddle is coming along nicely which is excellent and I'm really pleased with the heavy cashmere scarf that is growing on there. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I should be able to get my table loom slayed with a nice silk warp for Mums scarf, only 2 months late, hey! not bad going for me.... and then I will have a full set, my inkle also sleyed up and in use.

Now, if I can only persuade the doctor not to keep sending me off for tests I should have time to get some of this lot finished!


Joansie said…
Hope you feel better soon so you can be even more creative.

Love the look of your blog.
fibreclaireUK said…
Sending love. Even when you only post rarely, I love to see your work and read your words XXXX
Freyalyn said…
Oh sweetie, love and hugs. Speak soon.
Yarnspider said…
Thank you all so much for your support, it really helps.