Someone Asked Me,

loom latest 0034What a Temple is . well, a temple is used in weaving to stop the selvages from drifting closer together and eventually, if you aren't concentrating (like me....), ending up with a much narrower piece of cloth than you first began to weave! Just like this one here being modeled by my own fair loom,,,,

I've managed to do quite a lot of stuff recently, I managed to wash out not only the two Ryeland halves that I want to spin up but also  The quarter Cotswold  which is quite, quite luscious and I just can't put down!  It's been quite a time since I have been this in love with a fleece but it is simply wonderful and I will be tracking down the person who sold it to me and there will be a separate blog about it later.....

I have been keeping up on my spinning and am about half way through the Mirkwood BFL that I had from Freyalyn some time ago then all that's left is the silk brick to complement it and off I jolly well ply.

After that it might well be some Cotswold, or maybe Ryeland...... In addition, my weaving is trotting along at a pace for me, On my floor loom is the lambswool warp which is coming up wonderfully well.  At the moment I'm using a manufactured merino weft, but I will be switching to hand spun for the second piece.  The cashmere scarf for Aunt Connie's 100th birthday has been finished and is awaiting pix before packing. I have also measured Mothers cashmere and silk warp for her scarf on the table loom - finally!  not sure why that one has taken me so long, but I shall be warping it by the weekend and then we shall see. Also by the weekend the rigid heddle will have been re-warped with Amanda's purples.  

Here ther be dragons 0036As for the knitting, I've yet to put the facing and fastenings on my Vlindervest.  Again, should be done by Monday (ha! who am I kidding?), it's been washed and blocked, so it shouldn't take too long. As I found myself with no kauni colourwork for the first time in a very long time, I have  of course cast on another project.  Just a waistcoat.  I'm half way to the arm holes already, the tennis helps of course. My other knitting projects have sort of been put on hold, as this is far more fun, but I'm hoping to take my shawl and mitts with ma when I go wawy in a couple of weeks, I should be able to make a dent in them then.