Where to start.

I haven't left the country, well, not quite. We have just got back from a week in Cumbria. As I don't travel very well, my brains are still a little scrambled, but I'm beginning to get back into the swing of things.  DH will be back at work next week, that will help.

Aunt Connies Cashmere Scarf 0005
But in the mean time, a little taking stock, more in the next couple of days.

handspun falklands 0003First off, finally I have managed to find pics of Aunty Constance's Cashmere scarf.  I took this just before I packed it up, so I am improving.... a bit anyway.....  the warp was plain cashmere DK and the weft, I dyed.  It look pretty insipid in the hank, but turned out really well in the weave.  Made a change to be working with more subtle colours. 

Next on the Rigid heddle, is this, a  warp of hand spun Falklands dyed by Amanda Hannaford from earlier this year, I've alternated between the plain purple and the pretty purple with soya and sparkles and stuff in it.  The red down the middle is some hand spun BFL, dyed by Freyalyn.  It is giving it a real zing.  I intend to pop a bar of the red in when I start to weave it.  
Mum's silk and cashmere scarf 0001
I've also warped up my little Leclerc table loom with Mothers (everso late) birthday scarf. The warp is a lovely aqua silk, and the weft (see bobbins) is similar in cashmere.All in all it should be rather yum I suspect.
Now pics for the completed knitting, current knitting and latest completed yarn should arrive in the next couple of days,  In the mean while, here are the rolags I took with me on my hols... they are hand carded silk, cashmere and Beaumont, and they are spinning like a dream on my new drop spindle, I suspect it will take me some time to finish them, but it should be well worth the wait. 
carded holiday mix 0007