Hello patient people,

Since I have last posted, I have been so busy, but failed dismally to update anybody.....  Typical really, one or other.  Between now and Christmas I'm going to try and do both, but don't get excited, it might never happen.

Knitting wise, I've finished a couple of pairs of socks and C/O another, I've also C/O a shrug with some really quite lovely alpaca sock yarn I dyed myself (told you I'd been busy!)all spring colours so by the time spring comes.....  In addition, Frayalyn, when she and her husband came to stay brought me some utterly fantastic goodies, including 185gms of the most gorgeous soft wool and alpaca roving, these were the most amazing dark blue grey steel and matched absolutely with 200gms of baby camel and silk I dyed a couple years ago.  The two are now spun and washed and once dry will be pixed and measured ready to make a light sweater/cardi for my winter wardrobe.

As you can see, I've finished one shawl already, this was hand woven with lambs wool, and hand spun, hand dyed silk.  It is waiting patiently for me to work out how to get it loaded onto my Etsy Shop (told you I had been busy!) together with some really splendid socks yarn that I dyed and also some hand spun for variation.  I have decided to keep a couple of the larger hanks of hand spun back and will probably make a couple of shawls to put on soon. I'm currently beading and finishing a second woven shawl (this one is lambswool and merino) and this will but up on my Etsy shop in due course.

In the mean time, just to keep myself out of trouble, I've started spinning some interesting BFL that I brought from the WoolClip whilst I was up in the Lakes earlier this summer. I think it should make some really nice sock yarn. 

More Soon (really mean that, honest!)


Joansie said…
It's good to see you back! I've been a lazy blogger lately also.