Now Just because this isn't yarn...

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Doesn't mean that it isn't relevant.  We were up on Burnham Beach the other day and I was struck by the wonderful contrasts of colour and perspective.  It really is interesting the way the your eye gets drawn along and the reflection of those beautiful blues in the sky in the puddles on the beach.

Don't worry I haven't gone totally barmy.  Well, not completely anyway.  But I thought you might like an insight into what inspires me.  Although, at the moment how this will be translated into yarn I'm not quite sure, but I suspect it will have been by the end of the Winter.

But first Christmas is looming.  Not doing too badly on the present front.  I'm nearly at the end of the great sock marathon - on the last pair I shall be knitting for this Christmas anyway. Which leaves me with only a couple of items to take care of....  Hmmm, that would be a couple of woven scarves and a pair of Sarah Mittens.  That would be not quite Anna Zilboorg in style, but they can thank her for the original inspiration.

And so, I shall beatle off and finish those socks....  Not sure I shall be knitting any at all in January...  I do however have a comission for a modular shrug in hand spun based on some copper BFL by Freyalyn that I had put to one side and got spotted....  I suspect it will be a marled yarn with the other single spun from some flame coloured silk brick I bought from the Oliver Twist Stand at Fibrefest earlier in the year.

More yummy fibre pictures next time, promise!


Artis-Anne said…
Not barmy at all my dear i am always inspired by what I see round me and it always turns up somewhere in my crafts,I'd say we are pretty sane ,or at least not alone ;
Hope you have a great Christmas , we are off in the van this year after having two years at home i am longing for a peaceful time away from all the hullabaloo