Only 5 Weeks to Christmas...

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Which is why I've been busy.  First the whole how many pairs of socks can I knit in 2 weeks popped up (I wasn't thinking straight, what can I say?)  The answer is 4 by the way (well, 3 and 1/2 if I'm being strict with myself, as the last pair was a men's UK12, so were finished a day late - bite me!).

After this, it's been a bit less rushed.  I am spinning.  The de-haired yak has been put to one side as my hands won't move fast enough to keep up with it at the moment.  I shall be back to it though, probably after Christmas.  Instead I've been spinning some very soothing baby alpaca and silk marled yarn.  I've finished the baby alpaca and am about half way through the Silk.  Yum.  Pictures once finished.

Weaving is moving v e r y slowly at the moment.  Hopefully, it will spread up in the next couple of weeks as I get over my Flu Jab.  And the same will be said of the huge pile of sewing and dressmaking that is sitting on the side sulking at me.  Hopefully, now I'm not so fluey, I shall be able to crack on.

So.  To recap. All is fairly OK in my little fluffy fibery world if a little scattered and very behind schedule so, nothing new here then!


Freyalyn said…
You sound like you're managing well! Look after yourself and don't stop.