Decisions, decisions.....


I have been dithering for a couple of weeks now.  It's like this.  I do have lots of items I have to knit/do (e.g Turkish Sock Month) and I am looking forward to them - really.  It's just that I had lined up my new shawl to C/O and...  if I may digress here for a moment, I always have one shawl on the go just 'cuz, and the just 'cuz shawl I have on my needles at the moment (Evelyn Clarke's Pacific Northwest shawl) is coming to an end... and, I dived into my stash to find the yarn for the next one, and there isn't enough! Noooooo!

So now I'm stuck, I do have plenty of yarn to knit the shawl I want in another colour and fibre, but it Won't. Be. The. Same!  So, I shall just have to put the pattern to one side and spin some yarn that I will be happy with, but in the meanwhile?

It wouldn't have been so bad if a similar thing hadn't just happened with the dress I want to knit.  Again I could solve the problem by knitting it on the machine, but if I had wanted that I would have done that in the first place.

And then there was the yarn I spun just before Christmas for a cardigan, not enough by about 400m....

It's getting serious, I will only have 1 item on my needles in a couple of days and I'm beginning to feel seriously exposed.  It's not right.  Nothing for it, I suspect I shall have to C/O socks early.  And maybe an interim shawlette. A tam or two would be nice.  And I do need a waistcoat. Sigh, that's better, a whole weekend of choosing....  Much better.

Oh and the Picture?  It is the sun coming up onto the fog the other day, the muted colours that appeared are just splendid I think, don't you?