A little self knowledge...

Goes a long way.  I have discovered that I really don't like knitting on flat needles.  Nope!  Not at all.  I am at the moment ticking along with a shrug knitted from baby alpaca sock yarn I dyed last year.  The pattern I had in my head didn't work out with the shape the I wanted so I ripped it all back and have set out again, this time with a provisional C/O which will end up in the middle of my back.  Consequently I'm knitting on flat needles until I reach the point where the sides will be joined up and I can then knit the sleeve in the round.  I tried initially upon circular needles (I really don't like on the flats), but the tension was wrong, so long trad needles it is.  And I really don't like it.  After careful consideration whilst doing a spot of spinning this morning, I really do believe it is the length of the needles and consequently how awkward the damn things are.  Hmmn.  Will have to give this some serious thought before starting another garment this way.  It's a shame tho, the fabric itself is coming out spot on.  There will be pictures.  In the mean time at the top is some Marled yarn, one single BFL and the other silk.  It really gives a fantastic effect.

Right, I promised the chaps a Mac Bake, so off I jolly well.  More soon.


Artis-Anne said…
Do you mean the new Knitpicks flat needles ? if so I quite like them but I just can't can't cope with straight needles any more . I have a set but I dread having to use them on the rare occasion I have to. Love the roving on the last post ,should have known it was dyed by the lovely Freyalin :)))
Great book reviews too a couple there I have in my wish list and waiting to see before buying .