Plying tonight....


A couple of weeks ago, I lifted my head from my snot-ridden haze and realised that I hadn't actually plyed any of the singles I has spun for a while.  Oops!  The upshot of this is shown at the left... Now.  Please keep in mind that each of those bobbins on the back row is holding approx 200gms of fairly fine singles and the balls at the front are in total about the same weight (200gms or so).


So.  It took me a little time, but I did get there (bar one, and I will come back to that). And as you see, this is what came out!  From right to left, with close ups above.  200gms Blue Faced Leicester, [dyed in her Hellebore recipe by Freyalyn], 300gms (approx) Falklands [dyed in her flame mix by Amanda Hannaford] and 200gms (approx) of the Christmas mystery fibre from Freyalyn.

Now, the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that there seems to be one bobbins-worth missing.  This is because as yet, I haven't plyed it. All the rest have been plyed to themselves and produced some very satisfactory results. The BFL is a nice 4ply and the Falklands (which isn't half as pink as it is showing here), and the Mystery yarn (far smother than it looks).  The latter 2 will be going towards February's Turkish Sock bonanza whilst the BFL is for another project.  I think.  Which brings me back to the last bobbin, sitting staring at me, you see I can't make up my mind as to whether to ply it to itself or leave a bit until I've spun some Mulberry Silk in similar colours to create a marled yarn.  Hmmm, difficult.  Decisions, decisions....