Turkish Sock Month....

 Or more acurately Selbu, FairIsle or multi-strand knitted sock month.  But somehow that really doesn't have the same ring to it.  So Turkish Sock month it is, as at least one pair will be knitted with serious influences of the Turkish Tradition.  But not so much to pointed toes.  DH & #1Son don't like the pointed toes....

Turkish sock kit 0016Scuse the fuzzy quality of the photograph, but I've had a bit of a day.  Anyway, this is the handspun for the first pair to be C/O to the needles in the next couple of days.  The purple on the right is BFL and Silk spun to nearly a DK, and theleft is BFL in natural spun to the same weight. (Freyalyn provided me with the purple fibre, so if you want any, this is where to go).  The first pair are for #1Son, and at his request not quite Turkish in pattern, but drifting off with a scandinavian bent based on the Selbudeath Pattern (link for those of you with a Rav connection, the rest will have to be a little patient, not to worry, not long).  But they will have the Turkish top on them (the fun bit)  It will be interesting to see how the purple and cream contrasts with the pattern.  I will be seeking advice for all these from my large stack of Anna Zilboorg patterns.

I expect you are wondering what these 2 pictures are for.  Just a how contrasting colours can screw up lesson really before I progress.  You see, oftern I cheat.  No, really, I do.  Especially if I am 2 strand knitting.  1 strand becomes the contrast and the other has the changes of colour in.  And rather than fiddling about with several different colours I tend to cheat.  sometime liike this with variagated sock yarn.  On the face of it, it should work, but as you can see, it didn't and the pattern (yes, there really is a pattern in there) is lost.  It has improved now I have swapped the yarns over and there will be pic's of finished tam (I'm hoping, probably in vain, that the yarns will bloom differently once washed!)

So, step one is to ensure that your contrasting yarns really do contrast.  And are os similar weight.

Any questions?


Freyalyn said…
Actually, in the bottom yarn photo you can see they won't work - there is a stripe of pale blue in the variegated that almost matches the pale blue plain. Oh well, you enjoyed the knitting, didn't you? I feel the need to start some colourwork socks - I have recently received various skeins of sock yarn so things may have to be done!